Why you should reconsider having a mobile strategy

As far as consumers are concerned, there is no such thing as mobile. This sounds like a ridiculous statement until you look at what people actually consider important in a device these days. (Hint: it isn't mobility.)

In a post for The Moz Blog, William Critchlow (founder and CEO of Distilled) writes that mobility is no longer what necessarily makes a mobile device appealing to consumers, but rather a combination of the following things...

Create a Foundation 5 'Top bar' menu in Drupal 7.x

The following snippets will output some unique classes for a Drupal 7.x menu based on whether or not child menus are present. There are a number of reasons you might want to do this, but in our case we wanted to implement a Top Bar menu for Foundation 5.

Important notice for our Drupal clients regarding critical security announcement

An unusual public service announcement was issued by the Drupal Security Team earlier today as a "highly critical" follow-up to a previous security advisory from October 15.  It warns that Drupal sites (version 7.x) that have not been patched or that were not patched quickly enough should be assumed to be compromised

This notice is to reassure our customers that Othermachines acted quickly to patch all Drupal sites within the specified safe window, so no further action is required. Read on...

Solving performance issues with Windows 8 + Wampserver + Drupal

For quite some time I had been having performance issues working with websites locally on my Windows 8 machine. This is not exactly an uncommon problem, and there seems to be no one solution that works for everyone. After spending a Saturday working through many issue threads resulting in at least a dozen possible solutions, I found a particular combo that worked for me.

Does your mobile navigation work?

In Luke Wroblewski's excellent 5-minute video,  he pinpoints four considerations when deciding what will work best for your mobile app or website navigation:

Content first, navigation second - Are you giving your visitors immediate value?

Maintain context - Can your visitors explore their navigation options without losing their place?


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