When does decoupling make sense?

From "The Future of CMS" by Todd Ross Nienkerk, Digital Strategist, CEO, and Partner at Four Kitchens.

Online publisher Quartz throws out tradition in its new homepage design

In their approach to their latest homepage design, designers at online news outlet Quartz posed the question,  "If you start throwing out the old conventions, what can you do instead?" For a long time homepages for news outlets have served as a dashboard of sorts, featuring streams of headlines and teasers. Quartz's latest approach, launched last week, aims to put a face on the publication. 

Smart Autocomplete Navigation with Drupal 7

Recently we were tasked with building a simple widget that would provide prospective students with suggestions for school programs based on a catalogue of pre-set keywords.  The idea was to help visitors narrow down their choices based on a variety of criteria including program topics (e.g., "ecology", "modern languages") and personal interests (e.g., "research", "singing"). Since some visitors would certainly know a program by name, it would also look up matches on the title.

5 Quick and Easy Enhancements for your Mobile Website

To design and develop an optimum mobile experience requires a great deal of skill, not to mention an aptitude for patience. But there are a few things anyone with basic web skills can do that take little time yet make a big difference. 

Freshbooks vs. Harvest: A Comparison (2015 Update!)

This is a fully updated version of our Freshbooks vs. Harvest comparison from January 2014.

At the time we were shopping around for a cloud service suitable for our small business which would handle invoicing and the tracking of time and expenses. Eventually it came down to two: Freshbooks and Harvest. Since our requirements were pretty specific we put together a detailed comparison table so that we could examine the two services side-by-side.

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