Web Design Throwback: Mid-90s

In August, Microsoft celebrated its 20th anniversary by reminding everyone what their original homepage looked like in 1994. I thought it would be fun to play, too. Remember, this is the mid-nineties, so don't judge! :-)

A screenshot of my first promotional website design (1996).

Old site design from 1996

The main thing that always strikes me about these old designs is how small they are. It was around this time that the 640x480 rule was established. That was the minimum pixel display you absolutely must design for (our lowest common denominator, as we used to say). The entire layout on the site above is just over 600 pixels (click to view it in its, erm, full glory).

And check out those realistic buttons, the "drawers" presumed to have all sorts of lovely treats inside.  

This design was for a company I had with my spouse in 1996. I wasn't actually doing much web design back then, since it was only just becoming a thing. Most of my design work was still in desktop publishing. But we did know a lot about the internet, and so helped quite a few companies get acquainted with what was to to them a brand new medium. Here's a quaint blurb from an interior page:

Nostalgia: 1996 internet services blurb

"... a smooth course along the information highway." Holy moly.


Does any of this look familiar to you? Talk to me in the comments.

Bonus: Teens React to 90s internet

- Lara