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Create a Foundation 5 'Top bar' menu in Drupal 7.x

The following snippets will output some unique classes for a Drupal 7.x menu based on whether or not child menus are present. There are a number of reasons you might want to do this, but in our case we wanted to implement a Top Bar menu for Foundation 5.

Does your mobile navigation work?

In Luke Wroblewski's excellent 5-minute video,  he pinpoints four considerations when deciding what will work best for your mobile app or website navigation:

Content first, navigation second - Are you giving your visitors immediate value?

Maintain context - Can your visitors explore their navigation options without losing their place?


Drupal: Turn your main menu into a Superfish menu (and learn some basics along the way)

There are a few of us control freaks DIY types who prefer to tinker with things at the source, even if it takes a little more time and effort. But since most people will likely opt to install the excellent Superfish Drupal module, which will essentially have you set up in a couple of clicks, this post is more of an excuse to illustrate a few theming basics; for instance:

  • how to use a theme function to override Drupal's default HTML output,
  • how to alter rendered output using a preprocessor function,
  • how to load javascript and css files into your theme.

We'll use the plugin's "Basic" menu in this example. The fine tuning is up to you.