Google introduced 890 improvements in the last year

The head of Google's core ranking team, Amit Singhal, posted on G+ that they have introduced 890 improvements to Google Search in the last year. To celebrate, he posted his Top Ten changes in Google Search since 2004. Ten years ago, I don't think I would have thought most of these were possible. Like these two:

9. Info just for you: If you’ve got a flight reservation saved in your Gmail, you can ask the Google Search app, “What gate does my flight leave from?” and get the answer directly. You can also ask about shipments ("Where's my package?") or for appointments (“When do I have yoga?”). All this is private of course, visible just to you.

10. Answers before you have to ask: If you have the Google Search app on your phone, you'll get automatic help with everyday tasks. Google can automatically show you your plane, bus, and train reservations right when you need them; warnings when traffic is bad to your next appointment; reminders of bills coming due; a best guess at the last spot you parked; and much more.

My favourite thing about Google, though, is something that hasn't changed. The search page is still elegantly, blissfully simple.

Read the rest of Amit's post here.